#Android game – DODONPACHI RESURRECTION e ESPGALUDA II disponibili! Distruzione massima sui vostri terminali! :) (VIDEO + LINK PLAY STORE)

  Grandi, grandi notizie per voi cari possessori di Android amanti degli shooter!!!! La vostra dose di devastazione totale da oggi verrà saziata con questi due super titoli!   DODONPACHI RESSURRECTION: ● TWO GAME MODES: Two fully-featured game modes: Smartphone Mode, an exclusive adaptation tailored to the Smartphone format, and Arcade Mode, a port of the arcade shooter classic. ● S.M SCORING SYSTEM: Get whipped by the SM Scoring System, built specifically for Smartphone Mode! Shift between “S” SLAUGHTER, and “M” MENACE modes! Use the Supreme Weapon of Annihilation “Hyper Cannon” to smash your way through the world of “Resurrection”! ● BGM UPDATED FOR SMARTPHONE MODE! ORIGINAL BGM FOR ARCADE MODE INCLUDED! ● PRACTICE MODE: Practice Mode included to help boost your score! Beginner and veteran shooters, brush up to beat your friends! ● 3 UNIQUE SHIPS, 3 DIFFICULTIES, 3 SCREEN SETTINGS AND 4 BUTTON LAYOUTS ● OPTIMIZED CONTROLS FOR SMARTPHONE: Pull off moves impossible on an arcade stick right in the palm of your hand! ● COMPATIBLE WITH G-GEE RANKING ● SECRETS TO FIND!: “Shake Shake Resurrection” Shake the game up for a mysterious? hidden BGM track! Hidden Ship in Smartphone Mode – The True Last Boss of Dodonpachi Resurrection, ]-[|/34


Pubblicato il: 29 Gennaio 2016

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